Paremetric Text

Hi Guys,
I need parametric text. Like command ‘Text Object’ in Rhino.
I want to project on any surface like the picture.
Is it possible in Grasshopper?

Ages ago I wrote a script component which created curves from text, but these days the Rhino SDK I think supports it directly. Grasshopper however does not. There may be a plugin which provides this, I don’t know. I’ll try and create a newer C# component which uses the Rhino methods.

We have one that we give to ShapeDiver users, that’s a common need. Try this script for Rhino 6: (18.5 KB)

The SDK changed since Rhino 5 so it won’t work there.

This may be Rhino7 only, I didn’t check: (4.9 KB)

The Rhino SDK also supports making surfaces or extrusions from the text.