To to nicely fill in these holes


after exploring all options i am at a roadblock, how do i nice fill in these holesRIM.3dm (203.1 KB)


There’s no easy way to fill this. You needed to start this model with the center resolved first. Is it a domed, concave or planar center? There are some really good rim tutorials out there.


As Jason said, this is pretty hard if unknown what the design intention is. I´ve just closed it using the information available.

  1. Created the red curves by extracting isopharms along U
  2. Created the light green blend curves between extracted curves
  3. The dark green surfaces can then be made with NetworkSrf
  4. Splitted the dark green surfaces in half along U by isopharm direction
  5. closed the remaining hole with the brown patch using tangency option

RIM_2.3dm (225.5 KB)



clement, this is what i want!!! you are a genius! i love this method! man you guys are the best!!!i would have never thought about this, thanks a million

(Pascal Golay) #5

There’s always the good cheat-



How did zou accomplish this Pascal_

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi Mitviz… it was at least partly in jest - just cover the difficult part with a detail… but, I made some simple loft surfaces and used MatchSrf as needed to get the visible parts cleanly aligned. File attached.

RIM_2_Cheat.3dm (266.7 KB)



Thanks Pascal, there is always some tricky way to do things in rhino, so sneaky:)


I keep having the same issues, i have another hole to close but i cant seem to figure it out, the center needs to be smooth like in the image but i cant seem to wrap my head around it in rhinoto cover.3dm (1.2 MB)

(Pascal Golay) #10

Hi Mitviz- in this case, if I understand things, I think I’d make two little transition surfaces to a planar center - I don’t know if I made it the perfect size here - and then use some MatchSrf to get everything trued up and ArrayPolar.

to cover_PG.3dm (928.2 KB)



Thanks again Pascal! this is very close to what i am looking for, i would have never thought to do it this way