TO Software and Its Potential to Achieve Tower Semiology


Can anyone explain by example how to create a similar tower design by calculating optimised load paths through multiple generations and then interpolating the load path into meaningful geometric parameters?

A Generative Approach to Social Ecologies in Project [Symbios]City

Depending on the behaviour of the configurable voids, the standards are divided into four clusters. Type Y towers, which are generated by tOpos and have mainly structural branch moments. H-type towers, generated with Ameba, which uses strong mid-level slabs to connect the two halves of the towers. Type X towers, which use large transverse reinforcements to support the half towers. Type Z towers, which have small cross-supporting moments throughout the tower.

At least someone can explain how with tOpos / Ameba / Peregrine you can get something like that? I can’t post my geometry yet.

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Hi, i’m also on the step as you are. Did you find any helpful tutorials for Ameba? i just downloaded it but i can’t understand it.

Hi @Luis_Rodriguez
You can watch the video tutorials and download example definitions on the official website, but unless you have bought a network license from them, you will have a grid limit in 2d and 3d. By the way that’s why I don’t use Ameba and suggest learning tOpos with Peregrine (there are video tutorials and instructions too).
To design fluid volumes using mesh topology optimization, which I wrote about above, I advise to look for booklets of AADRL students and staff at Issuu - some projects give recommendations and explanations for using tOpos in architectural and landscape design.
Here on the forum, unfortunately, this topic is not developed probably because either they don’t know what to suggest or consider this discussion irrelevant.

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Have you made same towers as on the images ?

I’m in the process…
I’m using two plugins - tOpos and Millipede (mostly topos), and then refining the topology in Maya (retopology)

I’ll finish it a little later in Maya or Blender…

You should try Ameba for Grasshopper !! You can have better results.

Don’t want to pay for the mesh :wink:

Tehy have a free version =, but limited in the nulbers of elements. I also find it annoying to pay, but the quality of Ameba is crazy since the inventor of BESO equations created Ameba, so it is very modern and accurate. Try to fix a student license, it is way cheaper.

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Yes, I will try using Ameba, you have me intrigued…
@609999412 what do you think about student licenses? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m talking about those images, can you post them with GH files please ?

Ok, I’ll send a couple of examples in a couple of hours