Topology optimization for joints of a gridshell pavilion

Hi everybody,

I am trying to do a topology optimization of joints in a gridshell pavilion and I am looking for software that can achieve that.

In the first two pictures you can see a test pavilion and the boundary areas for the topology optimization between the joints.

In the other picture you can see a test that I did at one node using millipede plug-in for grasshopper. Unfortunately when it becomes too complex I do not get any outputs from millipede. It only works for me if the loads are vertical.

Anybody who has experience with topology optimization?
Maybe any recommendation for a software that is not too complex?

You may need to define the proper system that you want to use. Welded (all forces), truss (one bolt - only N) or beam (2 bolts - hinge) connection.

Your structure is kind of extrem (angles). In this case you can use truss beams with spherical nodes.

Using a welded or beam connection with 2 bolts will create some problems with the node design (because of torsion and vertical angles at node).

You may need a program for structural calculation.
When you know the loads you can build load cases and combinations. After the calculation you will get the inner forces. Next step is stress analysis for the members.

Iterate over your member collection until you find proper member.
Iterate/Calculate(struct., stress, bolt conn.)/Iterare/Calculate/Done