To Lock PlanC axis like if it was the new world axis of reference!

I would like to find the good way to create a Cplane wich is locked in every views in Rhino, like if it was the new world axis of reference.
I mean in my scene I would like that when I save the new Cplane (created from three points for example), all my other views: right, front left and top and perspective fit with my Cplane.

Thank you

Hi @theophile.huauarmani
Go to Options>ModelingAids>CPlanes and set them to Universal
HTH, Jakob

Hi, Thank you very much for your feedback.

In fact, I found already this trick in the modeling aids options, it’s a good start! but as you can see in the little video with my current workflow (piece attachee :, each time I move from a view (front, left, right, persp…) to another it lost the cplane references with the good angle that I need… I would like that each view (not cameras view) keep the Cplanes references that I created. What would be the good workflow to reach what I’am looking for ? How can we assign different Cplane for each view ? (because in the world axis setup each views has a different Cplane)

Thank you in advance