To FlatFold a Curved-folding paper


I am trying to generate a curved-folding paper on a Hyperbolic paraboloid
However, I can’t flat it to be like a paper.

It is basically a continuation of this topic: Developable Surface Optimization with Kangaroo 2

In my opinion, I think the problem is that the sum of each vertices neighboring angles is not 2π.(show in the panel in the picture). So far, I tried to use “On Curve” and “Hinge” to achieve that, but it didn’t work.

Do you have any way to make sure that each vertices neighboring angles is sum to 2π ??
like “developablize”(in kangaroo 1) can force to angles sum up to 360 ??


%E6%93%B7%E5%8F%96 (53.8 KB)

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The easiest way to make sure angles around each vertex sum to pi is to flatten a copy of the mesh, and then use EqualLength on corresponding pairs of edges of the flat and folded mesh, while using an OnPlane goal to keep the flat one flat. You need a triangulated mesh for this to work.