To Brian James - Be aware of this abuse in Udemy!

See this course - Rhino 3d practical methods | Udemy

What is the abuse issue?

Watch the preview videos.


LOOOL, well noticed @cadmaster! :rofl:

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@cadmaster Thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure what I could do if anything but I will attempt to let Udemy know that this is not that instructors lessons. From the titles it looks like those are all videos I’ve made and posted for free.


There is a report abuse button on the course itself. Please report it, as Udemy doesn’t seem to have a direct contact that they will respond to. Repackaging videos that Brian created and shared for free then charging for them is pretty bold.


Even the folks of a popular “file sharing” community find this a travesty.


The irony… :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

This course has been closed to new enrolments. Dunno if the guy has other rip-offs up and running…

There’s a formal copyright infringement report page, if anyone is interested.