Serious instructional videos!


Can anyone recommend some good instructional videos to watch on you tube, most specifically about Is it fair use for faculty to show YouTube video clips that are instructional or documentary in a for-profit higher ed institution? I can only find allowances for non-profit under the Teach Act, and am wondering if this falls under commercial use and requires creator permissions.

Any help posted would be appreciated.
Thank you.

With nothing more than common knowledge about your question, I would expect that fair use would allow you to cite links to the videos, but to actually use them in the classroom would require specific permission from the author, who might require a fee be paid.

Hi Joe,

You might consider looking here:

Specifically, you might want to consider our on-demand classes:

– Dale

Are those license free?
I might traslate in JP and up in youtube or something

My best recommendation for free, self-paced tutorials is the User’s Guide.
It can be found on the Learn page on the Rhino Web site.
It is a series of progressive tutorials that get more complicated as you go.
User’s Guide models:

We offer classroom instruction in Miami and Seattle.
Additionally, we offer online Webinar classes and “On-demand” pre-recorded classes too. details can be found here:

I’ve heard good things from some users about the Windows Rhino video training at and at Infinite Skills too:

For Grasshopper, start here:

Or here :

For brushing up your math skills:

For a good tutorial covering the Layout tools (production drafting documents), have a look at this: