Tips for creating 3D origami *New User*

Goal: Create an expanding/contracting 3D auxetic cylinder. Be able to run static simulations/change material mechanics.

Hi guys! I’m really excited to have found Grasshopper – I think it might be the only software I’ve found that can make 3D origami structures! Plus do statics analysis, etc.

I would like to make an auxetic origami cylinder…like the bowtie pattern in the video below but standing vertically and curled into a tube shape.

What tips/time-savers do you have to help make this possible?

It looks like Kangaroo 2 plugin is a must. Are there plugins or tools to change the properties of the (e.g. stiffness of material)? Once I have the origami, I’d like to try to analyze stored strain energy for auxetic cylinders of different stiffnesses and stuff like that.

Once I familiarize myself with the software, I’d love to hop on Discord with someone or start up a conversation in the DMs!

Two relevant vids:

Just wanted to bump to see if people had input