Tooltips are crowded

Just noticed this:

Doesn’t matter if the icons sizes are changed. This same issue is present.



Mine is fine here

Have you changed your Windows font scaling in Control Panel?

Yes, I’m using a 4K monitor and I have it set to 150%. The already too small tabs are microscopic if I attempt to run it at 100%.


This is supposed to be working well for V6 now.
Maybe @stevebaer will have some ideas.

What are the details of your display setup?

It is probably just a scaling bug that needs to be addressed with 150% text size. JB, did you make a youtrack issue for this?

I will do if I can duplicate it.

Not sure what details would be useful. 28" UHD display as the main monitor, 24" as secondary. FYI… if I move V6 to the secondary (1920 x 1080 at 100%) the issue is still there.

Nvidia Quadro K5000 card with slightly out of date drivers (March 2016).

Anything specific you need to know?

I was able to duplicate it so it has been buggified:

I probably should have mentioned this is Win10.

And since we’re on the subject of tabs:

Just a reminder.



It happens in Windows 7 too. It’s a Rhino display issue independent of the
operating system.

The tool-tip problem should be fixed in the next release.

RH-36424 is fixed in the latest WIP