Tiled cupola


Would anyone know how to create this tiled cupola dome pattern using either grasshopper or paneling tools?

I put together a quick example in PanelingTools for Rhino.
DomeTilingExample.zip (1.5 MB)


It is also possible to use this method

Thanks for you’re help Rajaa! I tried repeating this model… I got lost on the point orient grid portion. Are you referring to the x,y 4th points on the “module” (tile)? I pointed on the coordinates of the tile, then applied it to the surface the dome. I don’t see any result as rhino ends up freezing.

This is my selection. Also, I did not select a base surface (no need in this case, and also it may brelong the calculation quite a bit), it took 3 seconds at my end to generate the panels.

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Thank you. Finally got it!