Tile Rendering for High Resolution?

VRay’s render settings seem to have an upper limit of 1920x1080. Even when I select a higher res using the ‘override view port’ option, I don’t get that resolution in my render. So from my research, I understand tile rendering is the most reliable way to go forward. I’m wondering if there is any script floating in the interwebs that might get me started on this?

I’m mainly interested in understand the process of tile rendering conceptually before scripting it for my needs. Hopefully, I’d like to avoid using Photoshop and try to find a PIL solution for the stitching part!

There’s no such limit in V-Ray (except maybe in a demo version?)

That is correct. You have reduced sizes for both the free demo version and also educational versions. The commercial / full version is unlimited, so no tiling is needed.

V-Ray For Matrix is also limited to 1920 x 1080
Demo is limited to 600 x 400
Academic is limited to 1600 x 1200

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Boom, so that’s why I’m being limited. So I’d need to tile render then right?

You can easily run VRayForRhino inside of Matrix 8. By doing so it will give you access to Distributed Rendering, Unlimited Resolution output, and VRay RT while keeping the same render work flow that Gemvision provides.

But you will need to buy a full commercial license of V-Ray to do so… --Mitch

which I’m trying to determine… and I believe what I have is not the full version. If my VRay came with my Matrix, that would mean I don’t, I suppose?

That is correct. The V-Ray that comes with Matrix is limited. If you want unlimited you need to buy a commercial V-Ray for Rhino and then there is a procedure for pointing Matrix at the commercial license, which unlocks the resolution.


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Thanks, Mitch.

How can i point Matrix at the commercial license ? thanks Mitch!

If you have both Matrix 8 installed any working, and V-Ray For Rhino installed and working in Rhino all you need to do is copy and click the the attached shortcut to startup Matrix with V-Ray For Rhino. VRayForMatrixRhino.zip (1.5 KB)

We generally suggest running the latest matrix, and the using the same build of V-Ray as Matrix is built on. I believe the latest Matrix is running 25206: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f71jk8veaezlb2f/VRayForRhino5x64_2.00_25206.rar?dl=0 but any of the more recent builds should work fine. As Mitch mentioned you will need a commercial license of V-Ray For Rhino to do this.

Thanks Matt! you saved my day!