Thoughts on making a paperspace Wipeout like in AutoCAD?

Another tool that makes me keep going back to AC is the Wipeout tool. I use this tool a lot in both model space and paper space. Any thoughts on making a similar thing in Rhino? I thought maybe a surface but that doesn’t work.

Hi @CalypsoArt,
The details of a way to do this is on the Rhino Tips & Tricks blog:
Make a layout detail of any shape

Wipeouts are on the Wish list for a future Rhino.
But for now, this is a pretty good work around.

Thanks for letting us know. I will add your “vote” to the wish for this features.
Mary Ann Fugier

@mary I think Wipeouts are little different. In the image above I am using a Block of a window and canopy that each contain a Wipeout object. In the window, the Wipeout is sandwiched below the mullion lines (geometry I want to see) and above the wall lines and hatches (area I want to hide). They seem to be a special object type that draws a box the same color as your background on your screen, and when printed, exports as a white hatch blocking anything behind it. They obey draw order. This allows me to move the windows and canopies around nondestructively. It’s pretty useful.

In Rhino I just use a solid white hatch. More potential for visual distraction on the screen this way but the result is the same as far as I can tell.

Hi @ryan.odom,
I remember when Wipeouts were added to AutoCAD.
Rhino 6 & 7 does have a Mask feature for Annotation style, or an override on the Text and Dimension text that can be set to the background color or a specific color.

Other than hatch, I do not use any other object, but others may have different workarounds here.
Hatch is is not sophisticated enough to match the background, but if you print on white paper or to PDF, then White hatch works is a lot of cases as a “wipeout”.

Another aspect of AutoCAD Wipeouts, you can create wipeout objects on a layout in paper space to mask objects in model space. This is what the link to the Tips and Tricks describes.

I am not finding a YT on the Wipeout, that does not mean not already in the YT system.
If not I will get it logged, and post the YT link soon.

Mary Ann Fugier


My solution for this is white solid hatch and some playing with draw order.

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