Rhino layer Black/White like AC?

I would like to use Rhino to replace my 2D work in AutoCad. I’ve
imported my AC template with it page layouts, formatting, etc., and most
is alright. I have discovered some differences. I’d be interested in
knowing if I’m incorrect, if there’re work arrounds, or suggestions.

  1. Rhino does not seem to have the White/Black layer color option. In
    AC, a layer defined as Black/White displays objects in Model space with
    the black background as white, and in Paper Space with the white
    background, they objects display as black. In Rhino, it seems it’s
    either white or black, and depending on that choice, objects are only
    seen in either Model or Layout space.

  2. Can I change the color of the layouts (paper space) ? And if so, where is that option?

  3. My Template has a rectangular AC Wipeout object behind the title block. However that seems to have disappeared when imported into Rhino. Is wipeout not supported in Rhino DWG imports?

That’s correct.

Yes, you can. Options > Appearance > Colors > Layout.
Of course, since you haven’t changed that yet, both your black and white layers should be visible on the default gray.

I have no idea what a wipeout object is.

Thank for the reply. Can’t believe I missed the “layout” in Colors.

Re Wipeout.

“A wipeout object is a polygonal area that masks underlying objects with the current background color. The wipeout area is defined by the wipeout frame, which you can turn on for editing and turn off for plotting.”

I use them a lot in my work.

I do not believe that Rhino supports a wipeout object or has it’s own variation of it. But I have found quite a few useful commands from scouring this forum. So hopefully someone will correct me.

I think the best analogue for wipeout is just a solid hatch with print color set to white.

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