Export paper space as .dxf?

I normally print to PDF but I’m working with someone who is using an ancient version of AutoCAD.

All my dims are in paper space, is there an export paper space as .dxf or .dwg? (same thing as vector I know but it’s not going to be as accurate with broken curves etc)



AutoCAD added paperspace back in Release 11.
If you need to save to an earlier version than that, I’d recommend selecting the Layout based geometry, and use the TestChangeSpace command to move your stuff to the 3D space.
Then save from there.

HI John,

It’s not so much back saving for AutoCAD, it’s the ability to export the paper space along with scaled views and paper space dims into the drawing space… I guess this is what the command does that you’ve suggested?

Select target detail view? - can’t quite get past this bit, any pointers please?

When Rhino files with a page Layout is saved to DWG/DXF, the DWG/DXF file when opened in AutoCAD has a populated Paperspace.

I guess I’ll just have to strip the model space of all the working and the 3D model I don’t want to share with the client. Was hoping to just export the paper space as a .dxf for simplification and error checking. I don’t have AutoCAD anymore (not for a long while).

How does the test command work when is says select target detail view? I’ve tried choosing the top view etc but can’t quite get it to work.

Thanks in advance

How about printing just the layout to PDF and send him that?