Extruding a surface of an object again / extruding more than one time

Hi everyone,

I checked this issue but i couldnt find a proper solution. I was just wondering if there is way to keep working on the extrusion like in SketchUp. For example lets think we draw a closed curve and via ExtrudeCrv command we make an extrusion. But after a while when i want to extrude it again or even extrude a different surface of the 3D object i cant find a way to do it and i start to draw it from the beginning or explode it and choose a surface and do my extrusion and try to join all them again. That work amazing in SketchUp if there is a similar way would be nice to know how!

thx in advance and cheers

Hello - I think what you are after is ExtrudeSrf > DeleteInput=Yes. Does that do it? Sububject select (Ctrl-Shift click on a face) and Gumball extrude will also work.


Omg this is what i have been trying to find for years! thx a lot man :smiley:

Ouch. Ask sooner!


If you use Rhino every day, and you are not familiar with ALL its commands, you are wasting your time. You will be familiar with the commands after you read Rhino documentation TWICE, watch best video tutorials posted on the Internet, and spend a minute or two playing with every command.

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