Theoretical question

Hi @DavidRutten,

Theoretically, is it possible one component (one single container) to have separately updating parts?

Whatever I try I just cannot avoid recursive errors of components connecting to one another. Like so:

, unless I add another component that updates separately. Is it possible that within one GUI loop I have two classes of type MyComponent?

…but without red components you won’t have a true „bulgarian“ canvas :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


True that :smiley:

BTW, as a side comment, once you make a change to code in one component it’ll be a different component from the other copies. So whenever you want to test changes you’ll have to delete the others and copy the one you’ve been modifying.

It doesn’t matter if the components are exactly the same, as long as the desired result is.

It is related to this thread:

I came to the conclusion that In order to put it as a single component, it has to have two classes MyComponent(component) inside, that update independently