The shape can not import to revit


I have a shape (not too complex) but it can not import to Revit. What I did:

  • Use the latest version of Rhino inside
  • Check the edge to make sure there is no edge < 1mm
  • Rebuild edge of surface to make sure
  • Simplify the surface
  • Read the topic related to this issue.
    It showed the error:

I exploded to see which surface that cause the issue:

I have 02 solutions to make it works:

  1. Export the 3D DWG then import manually.

  2. Delete the error surface and make a new surface
    After rebuild the surface. All the surfaces can import. Then join them to one solid.( there is
    Found 55 edges total; no naked edges, no non-manifold edges."
    Then I have the same issue as the previous object

Does any know the reason for this (see the file in attachment)?
Object.3dm (148.3 KB)

I’m importing this surface with no issues both in Metric (3dm and Revit model) and Imperial (3dm and Revit model). This probably has something to do with your Revit and 3dm model units. Which are you using?

Thank Ehsan,

I used the same units for both Rhino and Revit.
I had that issue when use “Form” component in Family model.

Or I have another example that the object can not import to Revit.
If I use add Direcshape, it will convert to mesh.
Ground.3dm (2.0 MB)

Hi @lamvd,

‘Add Form’ tries to export the geometry as an extrusion if the Brep is an extrusion like.
There were a bug on that code. That’s why the “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” message. We have released a new release with a fix for this today.

We have fixed this and Object.3dm now transfers without problem.

The other one is a bit more complex, with the current state of Rhino.Inside you need to clean it a bit.

One problem is this surface is almost planar but is not.

If you use SAT to transfer this is the result.

It happens something similar with this other.
It is too complex to be transferred like it is.

Rhino.Inside tries to “simplify” geometry before transferring but this cleaning process is still not able to fix those issues.

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Thank you @kike for the detail information.