The same surfaces joined or exploded have a different result for area calculation. why?

In V.6 I created 3d letters using “text object”. If I select the letters and use “area” I get 10699.03936 square inches. If I explode the letters and choose area again I get 79454.72074 square inches. I can do this with the same selection so I’m not missing anything on the second calculation. Any ideas?

Please post a sample file that exhibits this.

Here’s the actual file

quote model.3dm (115.6 KB)

I think you’re selecting the curves too. If you run SelSrf and Area first. Then Join and and run SelPolysrf and Area you get the same number.

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thanks for the reply, I didn’t know closed curves created area

Is it normal tha closed curves are accounted in area calculation?

Hi Luca -


Ok, thanks