Closed curve returning negative area


I’m using a text field to calculate a curve’s area. In general this works but I’ve found a condition where it is reporting a negative area. The curve is closed and planar. Any ideas what would be causing this?

Negative area.3dm (32.1 KB)

I assume you are using DimArea, which returns a negative value. Area returns a positive value.

It may be connected with the curve being a polycurve of several arcs. If I rebuild it as a single, non-rational curve DimArea returns a positive value.

Hi Paul -

Thanks, I reported that as RH-68956.

I’m facing this problem also. two areas are positive and area is negative

Hi Tom -
A picture really doesn’t help anything.
Please provide the 3dm file.

Negative area.3dm (163.4 KB)

Hi Tom - see the text field gets this wrong - the Area command does not. Thanks, we’ll fix it.
RH-69998 Text fields: negative area
Apparently this is fixed in the WIP for V8.


RH-69998 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 23