The Other X-Window

Why must this appear every time I start Rhino?


Mine doesn’t do that.
If you want the Help and Notification panels, try dragging them into the docked container on the right.
Then close and restart Rhino.
Make sure there is only one Rhino session running.

Any luck?

That window often shows up for me. Outside updates, I don’t feel I need any notifications; I have a web browser.

Are your toolbars “locked” by chance?

I don’t see an option for that. Can you give me a hint where it might be.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I am out and about, while my machine renders.

@John_Brock I’m getting the same window popup (with help and notifications) every time I come back to my desktop when I start up Rhino after having used my license on the laptop. Needless to say it’s an annoying useless notification.

ps: I have my toolbars locked.

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My guess is if you close those panels, Unlock your toolbars, and restart Rhino it will not happen.
When you take your license from the other computer, or Logout/Login, the Notifications panel will open but in the docked, unlocked container on the right.
You can close the Notification panel but when there is a new notification, it will open again.
That’s the way the tool was designed to work.

I have many issues with my setup if I unlock the toolbars (it gets screwed up when scaling for example), so that’s not an option

then I guess the design needs some change. The notification is totally unnecessary

Actually, I would disagree.
The notification panel and messages are an attempt to manage the huge number of messages that come into tech support. While not perfect, it has helped a great deal.

This doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t change.
If this is disruptive to a large enough group of users, then we’ll try something else.
Make your case for a change and see how much support you get.
After all, that’s what the forum is for.

I would simply allow the user to deactivate the function.

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That’s an option. I’m guessing it would be a fairly complicated change to how the Panels are designed, but that’s up to the developers.