The InsertKnot for SubD

Inserting control points or egde to affects the shape of SubD. How to insert more control point does not change the SubD surface shape?

Hi @lqchinh ,

There isn’t an InsertKnot equivalent for SubD in Rhino 7. The best option is to uniformly Subdivide the entire SubD or add any precision details after converting the SubD to NURBS with ToNURBS.

Thanks for reply. But now that i have the subd surface available, i want to further detail the surface by inserting control points without changing the subd surface. Same as command tsInsertEdgeExact of TSpline plugin.

SUBD surface A with fillet, i want to insert more control point, but without changing the fillet subd surface. Then stitch SubD surface B to A.

I’d argue you should take away edges of B to match the spans of A instead of adding edges to A to match B… hard to tell if that is good advice from just this image, but that’s my gut feel to start with.