Wish: subdivide exact

The possibility of subdividing a face or set of faces without changing the shape of the object (like TSplines had)
Regards, Joao


subdivide does not currently change the shape… are you talking about inserting an edge exact?

If you apply subdivide to the complete object the shape stays the same, but not so when applied to a few faces, at least that has been my experience

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ah, yes, that is a different request… that’d essentially be inserting edges exact-

Precisely, I was trying to add detail locally on a model and noticed that the capacity to maintain the global shape of the model was lacking. Insert edge exact would be just as good as subdivide exact,
Nevertheless the present set of SubD tools is very impressive, a really huge step forward for Rhino


The problem with insert exact is it vastly increases the models complexity… it’s a blunt tool at best in my experience. The “right” way is to insert the detail you want but do it globally. Our Subd tools support Ngons, you can have 5,6,12 whatever sided faces and it’ll work. The trick is to fade them out over time to allow the face to relax organically-

check out this area of this F1 car I have been beating on-

in this case I wanted sharper detail in the intakes but wanted it to fade pretty quickly… using ngons I was able to do that.

Remember, Catmull clark topology rules (what we use) are much different and in a lot of ways more forgiving than tsplines rules. there are no star point or tjunction limitations. and the edges don’t trace out 2 or 3 faces like tsplines does. (or did… TBH haven’t used the latest f360 variations)

Please post any workfow or modeling roadblocks you come to, and I will try to help to the best of my ability. It helps us to see users models and it’ll help me be a better teacher in the long run…

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Thanks Kyle, very useful explanation, and yes Rhino SubD seems more forgiving than TSplines. I am used to Tsplines so still in “adaptation mode” to Rhino SubD. I will try to post some examples

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