The Grid. The most kicked about lost child of Rhino



Grids could be easily defined by a small program created in script languages such as RhinoScript or Python. The created grids can be placed in different layers and assigned different colors automatically. They can be created for any construction plane at any location. They could be points, lines, or circles. When done with a grid, simply delete the layer that they are placed on. The scripting languages are very powerful and easily programmed so you don’t have to wait on McNeal for features. That is why they provided powerful scripting languages. You wouldn’t believe some of the creations I have designed in RhinoScript and quickly changed just by altering parameters. My latest is BoltGen created in RhinoScript and transferred to Python. The language is Basic-like and easily programmed with all the Rhino functions available.
Here are a couple of automatic creations by program control.


Hi Steve,
Please read my suggestions in this thread for some simple ways to add grid customization: