The _FlattenSrf command and the _UnrollSrf

What is the difference between the _UnrollSrf command and the _FlattenSrf
command in rhino?

Please assign your posts to the appropriate category.

Hello - have you tried running these commands or looked at the Help topics for them?


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If it’s not troublesome you can show me which appropriate category, Since you said I will pay attention, but I am not sure whether the classification is clear, I am not very familiar with it.

Of course,I have been using rhino for a while. But some explanations are still a bit confusing to me, maybe it is the reason of translation.UnrollSrf,squish,smash I often use, flattensrf It may be a very early version of the command for me , maybe some people know something I don’t know, and happy to accept new suggestions.

You added a new topic for a couple Rhino commands.
Instead of leaving the post uncategorized, it should have been assigned to the general Rhino category That way it has a better chance to be seen by people that can help.
LIkewise, if you have a Grasshopper question, assign it to Grasshopper.

Leaving it Unassigned is like dropping in on the doorstep.

Before posting, I thought about it. I didn’t put them in the SUBD or Grasshopper.rhino commands should be put in the rhino category. I use the win system.I thought it should be ok.I tried to find it several times,I think there is not general Rhino category.

It’s just called “Rhino”.

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funny, i never used this command, had actually never noticed it before, it seems to work on developable surfaces only.

[Pascal Golay]McNeel is right.Help topics very clear for this command.I just tried to understand this command literally. When I looked back, I realized . I think it should be Flatten surface edge.