The dimension Explode() function does not return text entities

I am working with Rhino 8 and trying to retrieve the geometry and text from the new dimension parameters. The documentation of the Explode() function mentions that it should return an array of Geometry and TextEntity objects, but when I use it I do not get any TextEntity:

I would just like to confirm if this is a bug or if I should anyway use a separate method to retrieve the text entities.


This is what I get on latest SR of Rhino 8. Are you on the latest?

‘Explode Object’ component basically uses same Explode method.

@kike Thank you for getting back to me! I dug a little more and realized the issue happens when creating the dimension entity in Grasshopper, or internalizing it. If I reference a dimension from a Rhino document, it works indeed:

Any chance to solve the issue for the first use case? This is critical for compatibility with ShapeDiver.


Dimensions do compute the text part lazily, on demand, for instance when are drawn on viewport.
In order to force text to be computed you should call Dimension.UpdateDimensionText before calling Explode.