Text to curve with Aligned dimension

I’ve been trying to turn the result i get from an Aligned Dimension component into curves (or other geomety types, such as line + text) so that i can properly deal with them in compute afterwards. Any idea how i can do that?
So far all the things i tried removed both the text and the offset, leaving me with a plain line between point A and point B.

You can use the Explode Object component to get the geometry and text from a Linear Dimension.


Thanks a lot @Japhy ! And to be complete for those who may be interested, i dealt with the Model Text Entity with Text Outlines from Flexibility to be able to displa it as a curve.

@Japhy is is possible to get this working in Rhino7? I’m stuck with a client still in Rhino7 so would be good if there was a C# or Python temp workaround to be able to get curves and text from a LinearDimension.

What info do you need?

Without getting into the particulars of a custom script one option is to use the Elefront Deconstruct Dimension.

Sorry for not being descriptive enough. I require the Curves/Lines and textEntity as an output. Same as you get when exploding the dimension via Rhino.

The Deconstruct Dim for eleFront doesn’t include the Curves and the placement of the text is also incorrect.

Exactly, so that’s why I’m seeking an alternative solution.

My current solution is to bake, explode and then read in the geometry which i then can use via the Archicad toolset and push into Archicad.

That’s why I asked if this solution below that you have for R8 can be somehow used in R7 since my client is stuck at R7 and Archicad link still only support R7.