The continuity changes!

I have a strange problem! I have a symmetric surface, I do the smoothing curve and I reflect her from the center, I had G3, I have received G2. Why?

1.3dm (49.8 KB)

Dear Modeler3d
how did you analyse “G2” ? with the _gCon command ?
the _gCon command does only work for G0 and G1 and G2. It will not distinguish between G2 and G2+ / G3 / G4…
_mirrow the curves with copy option and check _crvDeviation.
it is somewher e-13 - accurate as expected.
hope that helps
merry chrismas

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I have understood. Thank you very much!

At me anyway writes “Curves don’t overlap” - it is normal?

If to cut off surfaces, then everything changes…
After reflection from G2 the continuity of G1 turns out (if not to cut, then G2 is made of G2). Help!

1.3dm (75.4 KB)

check the documentation for _crvDeviation.
it is to compare to similar curves for their minimum / maximum deviation.
if you want to check, wether a curve is symmetric, you can mirrow (option copy yes) a curve and compare it to the offspring curve. if deviation is below your documents tolerance, you can accept the curve as symmetric.

Now I understand the tool :slightly_smiling_face:
But a strange situation in my previous post…

It becomes even more unclear when I reflect the right part concerning the center of all surface and I check continuity

Why so? :disappointed_relieved:

Hello - hmmm - I don’t know… my guess of the moment is that GCon is looking at some numbers that are right on the edge - here’s what I see from GCon with more precise numbers:


Curve end difference = 0
Radius of curvature difference = 5.0068613752785041e-05
Curvature direction difference in degrees = 1.7075472925031877e-06
Tangent difference in degrees = 1.4787793334710982e-06
Curves are G1.


Curve end difference = 0
Radius of curvature difference = 1.4210854715202004e-14
Curvature direction difference in degrees = 0
Tangent difference in degrees = 8.5377364625159387e-07
Curves are G2.

Left after Match:

Curve end difference = 0
Radius of curvature difference = 9.2370555648813024e-14
Curvature direction difference in degrees = 8.5377364625159387e-07
Tangent difference in degrees = 0
Curves are G2.


Well same not the decision - time curves identical - G2 has to be at both curves without any manipulations. Or I haven’t understood you?