The best way to export Rhino models to COMSOL Multiphysics


We use Rhinoceros to create ships models and export them to COMSOL for FEA. We use mainly STEP as intermediate format between Rhino and COMSOL. We get a lot of errors when we import the STEP file into COMSOL. We have to merge surfaces or to correct trimmed surfaces. Are there some important guide lines for creating the model in Rhino, that eventually will be imported in COMSOL for FEA ?


Hi Ion- can you post or send to (Attn:Pascal) a 3dm file (the simpler the better) that does not make a step file that COMSOL likes, and the Step file you get?



@ion, @pascal

is there anything to keep an eye on? are there any guidelines somewhere? apart from a few scattered threads here and the COMSOL forums, I found nothing useful.