Best method to export Rhino models into COMSOL Multiphysics

Hi everyone,

I have been attempting to export rhino mesh models as .stl and .3mf files into COMSOL to run FEA simulations. This process results in many meshing issues requiring me to remove or modify faces, surfaces, edges, etc in COMSOL itself. Are there any recommended tips or guidelines to follow when doing this to avoid little to no issues?

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Hi Daniel - does Comsol care if it gets quads or triangles? STL is triangles only. If that is an issue at all, QuadRemesh may help, but export to a format that does not triangulate quads.


Hi Daniel, Do you have the basic / core Comsol Multiphysics package or the any of the additional CAD modules?

The CAD modules will import Parasolid files which can be exported from Rhino. I use this method.