TextureMapping for only one surface

I’m having trouble understanding the texture mapping on one surface only.

I’ve used the applyplanarmapping command and got the texture to fit on the wanted surface but it goes also to the side and the bottom.

Any good way to make it only on above


Texture mapping is per object so you can either extract the top surface and apply the topography image to only that object’s material or edit the image texture externally to give it a solid color border. Then use your planar mapping method and the MappingWidget command to scale it until the solid color border hits the sides.

Hi Brian,
Thank you for the quick response!
I exploded the solid then selecting the top surface only, got the texture mapped on.
Do I need to have the surface joined back for the drawing to be identified as 3D data?
When I joined them all the surface got the texture again…
Haven’t tried the second way yet.

I’m not sure what you mean. Maybe you’re looking for a closed mesh for 3D printing? It’s all 3D data whether it’s joined or not.

got it! thanks!
yes I was creating data for 3D printing.
Till now I thought I needed to join to get a proper closed mesh. Thanks for the clarification!