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Is it possible to resize the leaf texture (grey area) to fit the mesh? I tried resizing it in PS and that makes no difference. Reshaping the mesh via control points warps the leaf and is not practical as I’ll have to do it for 15,000 leaves.

RF.3dm (372.0 KB)


The simpliest way could be to use repeat and offset to adjust the texture to the mesh.

I suppose so the PS resizing doesn’t helped, because you need to update the Rhino view. Try _RefreshAllTextures.

Have you tried planar mapping?

Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies! Really appreciate this forum!

@Micha - Repeat and offset wouldn’t really help in this case due to the shape of the mesh and I did refresh the textures so that was not the issue.

@Holo - Although planar mapping would be a better solution than just repeating and offsetting the UVW, it still was not ideal due to the shape of the mesh.

In any case, if they had worked, I think I would need to do the same thing for the other 15,000 leaves. And you guys now had me thinking… Is there a way to copy texture mapping from one surface/mesh to many? That would be super!

Btw, I was able to resize the texture so that it fit the mesh - increase the size of the background in PS (just came to me while having a run :slight_smile:)

Cheers guys

The shape of the mesh shouldn’t be the problem. Is the texture UV not the area of the grey rectangle? Do you not need an other scale in the long direction of the rectangle only? I suppose so you need nearly repeat 1.5 in y-direction and an adjusted offset.


I should have supplied an image to explain what I meant by the shape of the mesh. Sorry.


But more importantly, even if texture mapping worked, I don’t think I would want to do this for 15,000 leaves unless there is a way to copy the mapping to the other leaves. Do you know how to do that?


Is the result at the last screenshot not what you want to get? If yes, is the mapping at the first post screenshot the original mapping? If yes, why should selecting all leaves and changing the repeat/offset not work for all leaves at the same time?


Nope, the screenshot below is what I wanted to achieve - was able to resize the texture in PS so that it fit the mesh:


Cuz’ Rhinora tends to flip her finger at me when I ask her to do too many things at once. I did try just to see what would happen when you suggested it (with hesitation) but I got bored looking at her hour glass. Maybe there should be a feature in Rhino that would give us estimates of how long actions would take so we can decide if to abort commands or not.

Anyway, again, I really appreciate your suggestions. I got there in the end.


I don’t understand why the mapping options doesn’t work since they are created for cases like this. :wink:

Trick: If you have hundred of meshes with the same material, than you can _join them to one object and so the UV manipulation could be much faster, since for Rhino it’s only one object now. But keep in mind, it could be difficult to disconnect the leaves if it should be necessary later.

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You can use the splitdisconnectedmesh command though. And if huge mesh with many parts you can select a section and extract that first.


Thanks for the tips guys!