Texture not showing on the correct face


So I’m using R7 and trying to render my model by adding custom textures using enscape. While the discrepancies in the mapping translated very poorly from rhino to enscape, the main issue here is that the textures I’m applying in rhino in rendered mode aren’t always being applied to the correct face on the polysurface. I’ve tried rotating, flip face and mirroring the objects without any solution.

now the black face either have or going to have a texture but the texture appears on the opposite side.

Any help would be greatly apppreciated. Thank you

my solution to this would be to use box mapping(click the object then apply box mapping), but you will need to what is the scale you want
スクリーンショット 2024-03-13 164055

secondly, you will need to click on the object again, then click on show Show Mapping as followed. A box on the left will be shown, rotate that to orientation/resize you want to get your results.

I hope this helps

Hi @Chirag_Ahluwalia ,

Can you post a 3dm file with the texture map in an assigned material? I suspect you just need to Unwrap the model and adjust the UVs. Also what version of Rhino are you using? Rhino 8 has a major UV editor update.