Texture mapping coordinates previews Bug in Rhino8 (Grasshopper) for Mesh

Hi, texture mapping coordinates in Rhino8 (Grasshopper) is disabled (For Mesh) by Custom previews Component
But in Rhino7 it is enabled (if you change Geometry to SubD in Rhino 8 it will also be enabled)
in Rhino7

in Rhino 8

private void RunScript(Mesh mesh, Box box, string path, double tr, ref object MeshMap, ref object Material)
    Component.Name = "Texture Maping,Matrial";
    if(Component.Params.Input[1].VolatileDataCount != 0 && mesh != null){
      var text = TextureMapping.CreateBoxMapping(box.Plane, box.X, box.Y, box.Z, true);
      MeshMap = mesh;
      Material material = new Material();
      if (path != null)
        material.Transparency = tr;
      var m = RenderMaterial.CreateBasicMaterial(material, RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc);
      Material = new GH_Material(m);}


texture Mapping.gh (7.5 KB)


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(Is there Bug in Custom previews Component in Rhino8?)?
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