Texture mapping controlling the number of maps

Is there a way to control how a texture map is repeated? Sometimes I want to just repeat a texture map along the horizontal direction or sometimes vertical or sometimes just use one map. Would be nice to be able to mirror the map but I guess that is for future upgrades. I know of the billboard tool but I want to map onto objects.

Best! :smiley:

That is set in the controls for either or both an object’s mapping , and the texture itself - one second, I’ll post an image.

Texture repeat:

Object mapping (Planar in this case) repeat:

Is that what you need?


Hey Pascal,

I do not ever see your top image, I use Vray which may be the issue there. I have used the UVW repeat settings and tried using 1 and 0. When I use 0, I just get streaks. It could be my base map is not on the object but I swore it was. Does it see 1 and 0 or can it see other numbers as well?

Yep I see that UVW repeat controls how many are repeated on the object. I would like to control whether or not a map will repeat in a certain direction or will just extend its last line in a direction. I also would like to be able to add just one map and control its size. Other programs call it a decal.

You cannot easily place a decal on top of a material in V-Ray.
There’s two ways I use:
-Split the surface where the decal will be and assign a material with the desired image.
-Using a transparency map in the diffuse channel of the V-Ray material and a second diffuse layer with an inversed transparency map and the decal in the diffuse map.

Is this clear?

Crystal. Would save time if there were a decal tool.