Universal/shared texture mapping channels


Is it possible to have have a shared texture mapping channel between two objects ? This would make possible to change the mapping only once and have it applied to several objects ?

I’m not talking about MatchMapping which synchronises to mapping at the moment of the click, but doesn’t link it between the two objects in the future.

Thanks in advance for any help,

What rendering tool are you using?

I’ll move this to the Rendering Category

I’m using V-Ray.

You can apply the same mapping method to multiple objects in unison, for example a Planar map applied to several objects at once. This will not link them all to the same one planar widget though so be careful to make sure you select all of the widgets at once if you want them to stay identical when editing. I don’t know if Vray has anything specifically for this that might work better.

Another way that may help is to have one material applied to multiple objects with different UV mapping settings and then edit the material’s texture repeat settings. I’m not sure what the changes are specifically that you want to make and have propagate across the different objects though so this might not be what you’re after.

And there is WCS mapping of course too.