_-TextObject font selection

Hi When using _-TextObject I can concatenate all the command options using the format option=value except for the Font option. Why doesn’t this work? You can see this at the command line by typing _-TextObject, then Font=Arial. Font=“Arial” also does not work.

This format used to work and now causes an error in my script.

(6.10.18275.12371, 10/2/2018)


You need to use just a space, not an “=”
Font "Arial"

HTH, --Mitch

No kidding, thanks for that.


Hey Mitch, I just noticed this running an antiquated script in V6…you know what the deal is with that change? Why is this only the case with some options?

For that you’ll have to ask the developers… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I only know that I had to modify all of my scripts that used the TextObject command for V6…

Cheers, --Mitch

You’re telling me, I got the script to stop failing but now it’s outputting one of the settings as the text instead of the actual text I wanted…ugh…okay got it I think.

Here is what I have:

    if RHV6():
        comm_1='! _-TextObject _Height={} _Rotation=0 _Font "Machine Tool SanSerif"'
        comm_1+=' _Italic=_No _Bold=_No _CreateGeometry=_Curves _GroupOutput=_Yes'
        comm_1+=' _AllowSingleStrokeFonts=_Yes _LowerCaseAsSmallCaps=_No'
        comm_1+=' _AddSpacing=_No _UseTextCenterToPosition=_No "{}" {}'
        comm_1='! _-TextObject _GroupOutput=_Yes _FontName='
        comm_1+='"Machine Tool SanSerif" _Italic=_No _Bold=_No _Height={}'
        comm_1+=' _Output=_Curves _AllowOpenCurves=_Yes "{}" {}'

    # 'ht' is text height, 'item' is text to output, 'pt' is insertion point

In the above the font is hard coded because it’s from a convert to single line script, but you could also substitute in another font either hard-coded or with another position in the format statement.