Text to number

Hello, still the old topic. How to convert text to number.

I’m tring to make context building based on .shp file with @IT plugin in.

The building curve and building height are easy to find. But when I try to extrude the curve, it says
Data conversion failed from Text to Number

I’ve figured out a wierd solution by multipe the text with 1. It worked. But I don’t know why.

Can someone explain :laughing:

By the way, is there a module that shows the data type? So we know the output 3.4 is actually a text.

Issue_Text_to_Number.gh (33.2 KB)

the problem are these ones, it’s not numbers

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ah, that’s why. Thanks a lot.
It’s the problem of working with the big data. Can’t predict easily how the data structure was designed.

it’s difficult to make a global solution, throw exceptions would help, but how does this in gh?

You can use Combine to replace nulls with an alternate value:


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it is French GIS data. I guess every country has its own data structure?
As a foreigner work in France, I don’t understand the logic, because some building has a height of 0.0

Maybe because the GIS data was designed for specific professional usage. So no boubt it is not clear for me.

Now I’m trying to give these building a default height 3.0
And there is a funny phenomenon, the “Match text” node is not working when " * " is the input. Errr?
Is it because * means anything?

Then I combiened the idea from @Joseph_Oster

Issue_Text_to_Number_2022Feb3a.gh (25.3 KB)

P.S. Better yet, replace all values less than three?

Issue_Text_to_Number_2022Feb3b.gh (26.2 KB)


you could also use replace members