How to Deconstruct eleFront Dimension into Text and Lines


I want to transfer some dimensions from GH canvas into Archicad but, archicad only support line and text via their GH components.

Is there a simple way to Deconstruct my Dimensions into simple lines and text?

Dim (4.4 KB)

The eleFront deconstruct dimension doesn’t provide the lines nor does it show the correct location of the dim text

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dim (8.8 KB)
I did all I can do with AI. :slight_smile:

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Cheers, but didn’t quite get me there. Everything is a bit off. Also had to bake the dims to get a GUID. But I will see if I can use your code and modify it.

I was thinking about using the Explode function in Rhino but without having to bake anything.

The Deconstruct Dimension component is not intended for the actual lines, etc. of the annotation, it’s reporting the points and planes that were used to construct it.

Since eleFront is just creating a thin wrapper around the rhino type, you can indeed use the Explode function in RhinoCommon, once you cast the object to a Dimension type:

var annotation  = (Dimension) x;

a = annotation.Explode();
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