Text taking height value from the point


I would like to speed up the process of creating a documentation. The task is quite simple: import points, place a mark where they are and add text with information about point height. Something like this:

The problem is that I don’t know how to do it automatically, or semi-automatically. For now I have to manually place texts and type the height by hand. Irritating and time consuming. I know that Autocad has something called parametric block, but Rhino doesn’t

I found similar topic here: Text Formula for Z height? but scripting is above my skills.

I also tried to use text fields but with no luck.

My question is: is it possible to link text with nearby point so it shows point’s height?

Hi Seweryn -

Where are you getting stuck when using text fields?

Hello @wim

I dug into Rhino 8 text fields, and I found “Point Coordinate” option. When I select the point the coordinates are properly taken and displayed.

However, when I want to create a text for another point, I have to repeat the steps which is still time consuming. Is there any way to copy the text and quickly select another point? I see no such feature in the properties tab.