Dynamic Text Field inside a Block

Hi all, I am trying to make a dynamic Height-Annotation-Block.

It consists of three elements, a symbol, a point(block original point) and textfield showing the Z coordinate value of the point.
I want to achieve when I copy the block to somewhere else it can dynamiclly reference itself not the original one.

Or do I miss any easier way to do that in Rhino without Grasshopper.
ps. I wonder is there a way to retrieve block original coordinate value as an attribute?

I think you need to build this once and derive the z hight from the point coordinent in user text. The save as a block and you can copy.
This is the syntax from the help file.

Displays the World XYZ coordinates of a selected point object.

The XYZ axes can be enabled respectively.



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my guess - this is not possible with a block definition and text fields.
it would be possible if PointCoordinate could be linked to the blocks insert point - but as far as I see - this is currently not possible.
(it would be possible with a plug-in that supports a custom rhinoDocObject / Annotation or it might be possible with a plugin like Rhenso)

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Will give it a try with the new gh rhino componnents

hi camelworks, thank you for the reply!
the problem I have with gh is I need to bake the text component to see the height.
check out the gh file
if you have better solution, please let me know!
thank you
(it needs elefront)

Height Annotation.3dm (74.8 KB)
Height Annotation.gh (8.8 KB)

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