Text subscript - drafting

how to set a subscript in a text?

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Hi Michal,

Current, Rhino does not support superscript or subscript text. But the Rhino WIP supports rich text, so perhaps this is something that we can provide in the future. I’ve created an issue for this that you can track.


– Dale

Still no super/sub script? If not, it’d be a nice feature for Rhino 7.

You should be able to copy superscript and subscript characters from Windows character map and paste them into the edit area for the Rhino test command.


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… or hold Alt and type 0178 for ² or 0179 for ³.


Are there any news on superscript for the text fields?
How is it possible to use them on a mac?

Hi Felix -

Nothing new, no. The YouTrack item that was linked to earlier in this thread is open to the public, making it possible for you to check its status.

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i dont see it working

Rhino 7 SR18 2022-5-4

Can you add like this?

that works but its lame.
it is not properly supported. dwg import does not recognize it. pasting subscripts from word dont work…

Hi Ivan -

That’s why RH-35493 has not been closed.