Text split wish : wildcards for choice of multiple seperators

I’d like to split some text, but the seperator could be any of a bunch of characters.
The way the component works, it will follow the distribution rules and force me to graft and do a lot of boring tree management to end up with my seperated texts.

Is there some kind of trick to seperate text with this “OR” that seperator ? Some wildcards ?

Peep-sqweek.gh (3.4 KB)

Maybe a c# script is the best and compact way to get the job done. C# strings are quite powerful

Is it better ?


Wow. Merci Laurent !
I might have found that by fiddling, but here again, one could point at how poorly GH is documented.

For sure documentation is not good, the only help is knowing Grasshopper uses a lot .NET VB or C#. There was also some discussion on old forum.

Sadly, this trick doesn’t work with “Match Text”.

Here, Grafting does the magic :

I find it quite illogical that this doesn’t work with Text Split !