Text properties is buggy

The video demonstrating it is in mkv format to keep the size down. Zipped so I can upload.

2020-10-23 09-37-30.7z (1.3 MB)

@Alain this looks like something to try and repeat

@Asterisk, would you mind sharing your file?

To replicate:

Box select a few texts and type something in the properties box to “revise them all at once”.
Now any text will show what you typed in the prop box. Reopening of the file clears that, but you still can’t mass edit multiple texts.

Also, maybe worth noting that anno style of those texts was created in R6.

funky text 1.3dm (74.5 KB)

The fix for this will be in the next build.
Thank you for reporting it.

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RH-61169 is fixed in the latest BETA