Dimensions - no Bold options unlike in Word etc


No Bold option to choose for typefaces as in other progs such as Word.

My Dimensions are a little tricky to see over the sooty ancient plans I am working to and I need to mod them to bold.

There is no Bold option though, unlike is available in Msoft Word or other progs.

Arial Black…choose that, but its not Arial but as Bold…dont like it !

Without wishing for some fancy lettering I just want a bolder typeface and with my text boxes already using Arial, there is the danger of things not displaying as was carefull y created by going to other typefaces just to get bold. I wish then to switch back to normal Arial for the final result and output.


Hi Steve,

See if adding a mask to the dimensions is of any help (V5)


Thanks , I thought it would mask out my plan I need to see details on but instead I get a translucent mask so no good either way.


You might want to try Franklin Gothic, it also comes with XP if I remember correctly, and has book, medium, demi(bold) and heavy…


Cheers Mitch
Gothic sounds a bit ‘odd’ but it looks ok so I guess Franklin Gothic is my new typeface covering for the fact that there is no ‘BOLD’ button for typefaces in Rhino.


Correct. Bold, italics, etc. are part of what are called “Rich text” formatting tools. V5 does not have them.
We are working on adding rich text support to V6.

Has rich text been added to V6 ?

yet again I have dims with Arial over a drawing, on white this time, all are fine but some need bold for extra attention.
Its not right to choose a different typeface that is more bold , an amateur approach/workaround as such and if I dont realise it I could end up copying that into normal text area and wondering why its bold !
in V5 I guess I havent any choice.


snap00 9-12-2020