Underline Text3d

Hello everybody.

I am creating a Text3d element with Rhino commons.
I want to underline the text in this element. I tried to set a property during creation, but i can only find Bold or Italic:

Text3d sizingText = new Text3d("");
sizingText.Bold → exists

Can it be underlined at this stage?
Is it possible to underline it after it is added to the document? That solution is good for me as well. I just have no idea how to achieve this. Can somebody help me out?

Thank you in advance.

you may consider the TextEntity class

import Rhino.Geometry as rhg
from Rhino.DocObjects import Font as rf
from Rhino.RhinoDoc import ActiveDoc as rdoc

t = rhg.TextEntity()
t.RichText = 'myname'

t.Font = rf('Arial', rf.FontWeight.Normal, rf.FontStyle.Upright, True, False)
# the first boolean input indicates underline


see reference here
ApiDocs.co · RhinoCommon · Font Constructor (String, Font.FontWeight, Font.FontStyle, Boolean, Boolean)

Hello Will,

Thank you for the suggestion, but it is important for me that it is a Text3D type object.
At the end I managed to solve it by grabbing it as TextEntity after I added to the document, and underlining it at that point:

var textObject = doc.Objects.FindId(textID);
var tt = (Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity)textObject.Geometry;