Text portrait grasshopper with colors


How to create these kind text portrait with colors in grasshopper

These two images are completely different, which one do you want to make?

You can create a grid of characters and specify the size and text and colour of each one, that may give you something close to image #1.

portrait.gh (371.2 KB)


@DavidRutten is possible to do second image type too

it seems possible to do that, with this for example

With letters better placed


Using text as surface/mesh


@DavidRutten is possible to get the text straight as it is typed for example if i type (i love rhino) i need this without randomization. @laurent_delrieu post your example files to for better understanding

i get this type of error when i remove random input

Hello there Laurent,

Thank you for the solution.
I followed the ‘recursive image subdivion’ thread and I found it really amazing.

I’m wondering how I can place the texts as in your exmaples (locations and size differentaitons) ?

Thank you very much!

if I remember well you just have to use your text bounding box in order to morph the text in the rectangles generated by the script

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Thank you very much Laurent! I’ll give it a try!