Gradual fragmentation of text

I have this picture in my mind on how a cover to a publication should look.
The only program that I kind of know that could handle this is Grasshopper. I seem to always start at the beginning. It’s like learning the piano all over again and not spending the time necessary to play songs that you have in your head.

What I have in mind for this is what is hinted at in the picture beneath.

Text that gets fragmented into scaled squares whose median scale is corresponding to the dispersion level. Overlapping would be neat too.

I appreciate any help!

Here is a way to do that
Text is generated first, as a surface, a mesh, whatever.

See this link

Each letter is populated with points depending on its surface. Here unit of surface is said to be 0.5. But depends on the scale of the letters.

Then points are transformed to square, but it could be polygons … Square with differents sizes.
3 sliders to control the range (min max) and a factor to multiply min and max

Upper GraphMapper is for spreading the squares depending on their area.
Angle of 180° = little square going on left.
Angle spreading =0°

Here more spreading

Lower Graph Mapper to control the spreading on X (27.3 KB)