Text offset OSX vs WIN difference

Just got tired of moving my text when showing jobs with Rhino for Windows, but created with Rhino OSX.

Is there a way that they could be the same ?

The screenshot is same file.

I suppose I could create a script to run on OSX when I am done a file, but just thought the text should be in the same place in each platform of Rhino.


I think so too. Question - are those separate lines of text or is it two blocks of text with carriage returns to make the spaces? If the second, it could be that the insertion point is being interpreted as being in the upper left on one, and lower left on the other. Windows Rhino has text justification as a part of the definition (9 different possible positions) and it is the bane of my existence - as it never interprets correctly from other programs… Does Mac Rhino also have justification? Can you turn on points for the text and see if the insertion point is the same between the two platforms?


I think it’s just the spacing that is lost… I filed this http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MR-979


Yes Mitch,

So I think @BrianJ has filed a report.

Usually I finish adding the text on my nice 27" iMac (not 20" windows). It is then opened on my bosses 52" meeting room WinRhino and my text is usually jumbled or off screen.

I see no way of adjusting insertion point in OSX textBlock command . See image for insertion point.

As a former graphic designer, I feel your pain on text justification.


OK, that looks like what I thought, then. The insertion point is the same in both cases, but on Mac the text is stacked downward from the insertion point (justified upper left, your image) and in Windows upward (justified lower left). --Mitch

Edit: in theory, that means it might be easily fixable - if the text was created on Mac, once open in in Windows, SelText and go into Properties and choose Upper and Left as justification…

The next WIP release will pay attention to the left/center/right justification and the top/middle/bottom alignment attributes of Text objects. You will also be able to set these attributes when creating Text objects on the Mac.

Still having issues editing text between OSX & Windows, @BrianJ .

You cannot change insertion position when editing text on Mac. It uses first insertion point, one that created first text. See images, I added a new line and it offsets text up because first point was lower left.

You can see that we, OSX users cannot change that in properties editing, but on Windows they can. Image to follow.
Also text created on a Mac ends up as one line in Windows text properties, making it difficult to edit on Windows, in same image.

Thanks - Randy

Thanks for reporting this. Logged these as bugs. MR-1400 and RH-29623