Match text component

Hi All,

ok let’s focus on item 0 in the images below:

I am trying to parse a list and isolate items that contain certain words.
I used Match list and sonic search (a mosquito plugin)
Why does “sonic search” give me an accurate result and match text doesn’t? (see first image attached)

on a second attempt (see second image attached)
I see that if i type “building:apartments” i get a true value in Match text item 0
But what other component can i use to get all the items that contain the word “building” with or without spaces, because there is space in (building:apartments)

The goal is to only use GH without any plugins…

Thank you

From the looks of the screen shot you might just need to add a wildcard to your search text like BUILDING* and that should pick up matches. Mosquito is most likely assuming wildcard matches by default without input.

Hi Travis,

Unfortunately that is not the case here. (see image below)

the plot thickens

Doaa, is there whitespace in your “word to search for”? Maybe tabs or spaces. Doesn’t look like there are linebreaks.

Hi @doaa,

It looks from your screenshot like you attached the panels to the wrong inputs - the topmost one should be the text and the second should be the substring you want to match with.

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I believe that’s exactly what’s happening as well.

whoopsi, Yes wrong inputs!
Thanks all.

seems odd that it doesn’t work with (apartments*), is it because it comes after the colon?
See attached file and image. (24.8 KB)

You’d need to change your wildcard if you want to match apartment at any position in the string. * apartment * (remove the spaces in my example, discourse converts text with stars on both sides to italic text) will match on apartment anywhere in the string since the * tells it to ignore anything before as well as anything after.

Split text at „:“ and than do the search.

ah yes!! (* apartments *) no space, and split text did it.
Thank you

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